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Transaction account


Open a transaction account with Raiffeisen Bank BiH, and you can perform cash and cashless payments and use additional services of the Bank. You will be able to conduct your financial operations without any time and space limitations, quickly, simply and safely.


Customers may open the following accounts with the Bank, in accordance with applicable law:

• KM transaction account for regular business

• Account of an organisational unit,

• Escrow account,

• Public revenues account,

• Foreign currency account,

• Non-resident account.


  • Efikasno upravljanje likvidnošću

    Efficient liquidity management

    We have a wide range of products created especially for our customers that will respond to all your needs 

  • Brzo i kvalitetno izvještavanje

    Fast and good-quality reporting

    Various report formats on account balance and turnover.

  • Online usluge

    Online usluge

    Simple internet banking

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Account opening

Raiffeisen Web Call


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