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Donations and sponsorships

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Donations and sponsorships


In accordance with its sustainability strategy, Raiffeisen Bank has been supporting numerous projects for children and people with special needs for years, and provides support to institutions that care about the most sensitive segments of the society.

Our cooperation with certain institutions is long-standing, and with financial support, our employees give their contribution through volunteer activities.

Some of our activities

  • Writing a public competition for sponsorship and donations
    • Raiffeisen Bank once a year announces a public competition for the award of sponsorships and donations to which a large number of the Association is registered each year. It will be published on the Bank's website, as well as in daily newspapers.

      The competition has proved to be very successful and so far, following our strategy of social responsibility, we have contributed to the realization of numerous projects focusing on children and caretakers in the fields of humanitarian action, culture, education, sport, as well as projects in the field of ecology and environment. target groups.

      According to the competition rules, it can be applied exclusively to associations of citizens and institutions with projects of support to children and persons under guardianship.

      We have implemented this project since 2001, and in the frame of this, we have so far supported over 1000 different projects, of which only in 2017 we financially supported a total of 60 projects.

  • Donations of Rafa Žirafa playgrounds
    • Within the framework of its sustainability strategy, the focus of which is to support children, through various initiatives, we make a positive contribution to the local community and the environment in which we operate. In line with this commitment, since 2008, in cooperation with Western Union, we have equipped children's playgrounds, and in this way we celebrate the World Savings Day. In 2017, we solemnly opened three playgrounds, in Banovići, Cazin and Derventa, and until now we have donated a total of 27 playgrounds throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for the year 2018 donations were given to the courts in Srebrenik, Vitez and Ilidza.

      All playgrounds are equipped with quality equipment that meets all technical and other standards and are completely environmentally friendly, as well as devices that make children happy, and in a fun way they help develop their skills.

      An integral part of all playgrounds is Rafa Giraffe, a symbol of our children's savings, and through various activities we continuously strive to promote lasting values, to develop children's awareness of the importance of saving and its usefulness to the economy and society.

      In addition, traditionally on the occasion of the World Savings Day, which is celebrated every year on 31 October, the Raiffeisen Bank branch visits between 300 and 400 children.

  • Donations on religious and New Year's holidays
    • Raiffeisen Bank traditionally, following its strategy of sustainability, combines the achievement of financial success with socially responsible business. Accordingly, funds intended for the purchase and sending of greeting cards, and advertising for religious and New Year's holidays are directed for humanitarian purposes, that is, donations to associations whose activities are focused on children and persons with special needs.

      What really excites us is that our clients and business partners respond positively to this practice.

      The associations that we supported in 2017 through this initiative are:

      > Association „Srce za djecu koja boluju od raka“,

      > „SOS Dječija sela“ Sarajevo,

      > SUMERO Association for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities FBiH,

      > Children's kindergarten „Pčelica“ from Orašje,

      > Association for helping mentally underdeveloped people in Banja Luka,

      > Association of parents of children with physical and mental disabilities "Neven" from Prnjavor,

      > Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired Children and Youth Sarajevo,

      > Association for helping people with special needs "Betania" from Vitez,

      > Center for the upbringing and education of children and youth with disabilities "Nova Nada" from Tomislavgrad,

      > Public institution for preschool education and education of children "Lepa Radic" from Gradiska.

  • Support to the Hastor Foundation
    • In 2009, for the first time, we supported the Hastor Foundation, a charitable, non-profit organization that supports and empowers children and young people in their efforts to become self-conscious individuals in their communities.

      Also, representatives of the Bank are always happy to accommodate scholarship holders in the Centrale building, where they, in a relaxed atmosphere, get acquainted with the work of the Bank.

      The Hastor Foundation grants talented children and youth, but also young people living in difficult socio-economic conditions. Since its founding, this foundation supports and encourages primary school students, high school students and students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina who want to improve their lives through education, as well as their community, and who have a strong will to succeed in improving their lives and the lives of others through education.