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Sustainability Management


Sustainability management is a key component of the Raiffeisen identity and a measure of our corporate success.

  • We understand sustainability management to mean responsible business conduct on a long-term basis, based on economic success with responsible behaviour towards the society in which we operate and the environment.  In doing so, we  have combined financial success with social responsibility for over 130 years. 
  • The sustainability strategy was established by Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, the founder of the bank, who showed as one of the first responsible bankers that a sustainably managed circulation of money can create value and be meaningful for everyone involved.
  • The financial sector faces numerous challenges from day to day, which derive from many internal and external factors.  We therefore constantly adjust our business model to such changes. This is how we create important, sustainable and additional value for all stakeholders involved: customers, the community in which we operate, our shareholders, owners and other stakeholders, where where economic, environmental and social responsibilities form a whole.

The three main pillars of our sustainability strategy are shown in the chart below:

  • Responsible banker,
  • Fair partner,
  • Engaged corporate citizen


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