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Non-purpose loan

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Non-purpose loan


Are you thinking about refurbishing your flat?

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable trip with your family?

Or simply, do you need additional cash to do whatever you want with it?

All the things you dream of can be yours with Raiffeisen bank. Easily!

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Raiffeisen Bank has made it possible to submit online loan requests, with only one visit to the Bank's branch office when it is taken over. Apply for your loan already! or fill out the card application and submit a copy of the ID card and CIPS application form to you at the nearest branch office of the Bank.


  • SIMPLE application procedure in the branch and immediate completion of the application form which saves your time and speeds up the approval process.

  • WITHOUT MANAGEMENT FEE for the customers who hold TRENDY PLUS and ELEGANT account sets 

  • Fixed or variable interest rate, as per the customer's choice

  • Security instrument: salary assignment order, promissory note(s) and insurance policy

  • Repayment periods up to 10 years


* EIR – effective interest rate is calculated for a customer who receives their salary via our bank, with variable interest rate for a loan amount of KM 50,000 and 3-year term. EIR calculation includes loan interest rate, management fee for the customers without account sets, loan account maintenance fee, promissory notes’ costs, management fee for the current account during the entire life of the loan, and insurance cost.  The interest rate and management fee depend on the

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Fill in the form Contact me> and we will find the best solution for your needs.  

Please note: Filling out our application form is non-binding

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Saving loans

  • Our offer also includes:

      Non-purpose loan 100% secured by a cash deposit for private individuals, credit-worthy B&H citizens with regular monthly income.

      Maximum loan amount KM 2,000,000.

      Maximum tenor up to 10 years.

      Security instrument is a restricted deposit in the KM or EUR currency covering 100% of the loan amount.



      Non-purpose loan partially secured by a cash deposit for private individuals, credit-worthy B&H citizens with regular monthly income.

      Model 20 - Purpose cash deposit in KM or EUR in an amount equivalent to 20% of the loan amount.

      Model 50 - Purpose cash deposit in KM or EUR in an amount equivalent to 50% of the loan amount.

      Loan amount

      Model 20 up to KM 60,000 – for pensioners up to KM 12,000

      Model 50 up to KM 100,000 – for pensioners up to KM 20,000

      The amount of the non-purpose deposit can be set aside from the proceeds of the approved loan. The restricted deposit can be in the name of a third person.

      Model 20 – 20% of the loan amount

      Model 50 – 50% of the loan amount

      Repayment period is up to 10 years and for pensioners up to 5 years. 

      The loan amount not covered by the cash deposit needs to be secured by the following mandatory security instruments:

      Salary assignment

      Promissory Note

      Insurance Set – the insurance set is mandatory and its type depends on the customer preferences