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Casualty insurance


We make life plans without thinking about accidents, which mostly occur when we least expect them.

However, this does not mean we should live dreading unexpected accidents.  A wise decision can give us with much-needed security.

Casualty insurance policy mitigates the consequences of sudden accidents, and it is valid for 24 hours, no matter whether you are in the country, or abroad.

  • What is an accident?
    • An accident is every incidental and unintentional act that results in death or injury (permanent or partial disability), health damage that requires hospital treatment and/or treatment costs.

  • Which risks can be covered by your accident insurance?
    • Depending on the insurance product type, the following risks can be covered:

         Risk of death by accident

         Risk of death by disease

         Dread disease

         Permanent disability

         Bone fracture

         Medical treatment costs

         Daily hospital stay allowance

  • Who is eligible for accident insurance?
    • Any person up to the age of 75 can be insured by accident insurance.

      Children, adults, close family members can be insured against accident. Also, employees can be insured against accident by the owner/director of their company of employment.

  • What is permanent disability?
    • It is a permanent loss of functions or body part/organs, determined after completed medical treatment.

  • What are medical treatment costs?
    • A payout is made for the costs of actual and necessary treatments that took place within one year following the accident and which are not covered by the state or other type of health insurance.

  • What is dread disease?
    • Agreed fixed fee is paid in case of a dread disease, regardless whether it entails additional payment of insured amount for other agreed risks.

  • Bone fracture refers to:
    • Agreed fixed fee is paid in case of bone fracture, regardless whether it entails additional payment of insured amount for permanent disability.

  • What is hospital stay allowance?
    • Hospital stay allowance is paid for each day that an insured person spends in hospital, but no longer than 180 days.

  • Who can use the accident insurance?
    • Individual – for children up to 14 years and others not older than 75 years of age

      Family – insurance of all family members (spouses/extramarital partners and their children)

  • What are the benefits of the accident insurance policy?
    • •  indefinite period of insurance
      •  premium payment in instalments
      •  24/7 insurance

  • What is an insurance premium and its amount?
    • The insurance premium is the amount paid by the insured person based on the agreed insurance policy and depending on the type of insurance.