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Credit Cards

Our credit cards are suited to fit your wishes and needs, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

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A credit card according to your wish!

  • A credit card according to your wish!
    • Pay at any point of sale with a POS device.

      We offer you a solution, no matter if you need cash in instalments or want to pay in instalments free of interest!

      You can also opt to pay at least 3% monthly of the spent amount.

      You also have the option to defer payments up to 50 days free-of-interest

  • Why should you opt for a credit card?
    • Because we offer the most widely accepted credit cards of the global card providers Visa and Mastercard

      Because you have the contactless payment option - Pay on the move!

      Fast and safe for any transaction amount

      Because you can participate in our unique “Like!” reward program

      Eligible for a card are adults, both local and foreign private individuals, with a regular monthly income above 400 KM.

  • Share the joy of shopping with your closest ones!
    • With an additional credit card you can enable your closest ones - parents, partner or children - to use the approved spending limit on your credit card account.

      The card for the additional card holder is issued completely free of charge.

  • You can pay your monthly dues in a fast and convenient way.
    • With Raiffeisen mobile banking you have access to your accounts any time

      Access your accounts directly via Raiffeisen online banking and make payments 24 hours a day

      Viber banking allows you to check the balances on any of your card accounts at the bank and pay the amounts due on your credit cards

      You can use our Cash-point ATMs to  pay your monthly dues on your credit card

  • Happy Monday sa Mastercard-om!
    • Uživajte u zajedničkim trenucima i koristite beskontaktnu Mastercard ili Maestro karticu. 

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Klikom na dugme Web Call aktivirat ćete uslugu Raiffeisen Web Call i ostvariti besplatan poziv prema našim operaterima u Kontakt centru.


Choose the one that suits you best.


Visa Magic Card

A card that allows you to raise cash at ATMs in the country and abroad for up to 36 installments

Visa Magic kartica

Mastercard Shopping card

A card with which you can pay on rates without interest.

Raiffeisen shopping kartica

Revolving credit cards

A card that allows you to pay for goods and services or cash withdrawals at home and abroad

VISA Revolvin kreditna karticaMastercard revolving kreditna kartica

Standard Charge Card

Take advantage of the opportunity to make up to 50 days of interest-free payment delays.

Standard charge kartica

Kupovina koja se isplati!


Plaćajte Raiffeisen kreditnim karticama i ostvarite popust od 10% u poslovnicama LUK, OBI i BAGNO.

Popust vrijedi do 31.12.2018.godine samo za kupovine u iznosu većem od 100 KM i ne odnosi se na artikle koji su već na akciji.

Sve klijente koji do 31.12.2018. postanu novi korisnici Mastercard Shopping kartice očekuje i dodatna pogodnost - za ukupno potrošenih 50 KM ili više, Banka će izvršiti povrat dijela potrošenog iznosa od 50 KM.

Apply online


Raiffeisen Bank has made it possible to submit online debit card requests, with only one visit to the Bank's branch office when it is taken over. Apply for your card already! or fill out the card application and submit a copy of the ID card and CIPS application form to you at the nearest branch office of the Bank.

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