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Security of card payments

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To minimize the possibility of fraud during card payments on the Internet, please read the following recommendations:

Protect your own data


When paying with a card on the Internet or in any other way, do not deliver the face and the back of the card (faces and back), PIN or any card information such as card number, card validity date, control number. The reason for such inquiries may be an attempt to misuse cards.

Do not disclose to third parties information about personal information (LK number, passport number, JMBG, etc.) so as not to become a victim of fraud on the Internet.



Phishing implies unauthorized e-mail messages or a new browser window whose purpose is to obtain information about your personal information (LK number, passport number, JMBG, etc.), and card information (card number, card validity, control number).



Vhishing is a newer form of phishing that involves the unauthorized collection of customer and card data based on a phone call.

Email and phone calls


Do not respond to electronic messages or phone calls requiring personal information or card information.

The bank will never ask you to phone the full number of the card, the PIN secret number, the card expiration date or the control number from the back of the card.

Do not open links or attachments and do not reply to suspicious content emails.

Report any suspicious transaction by calling 081 92 92 92 available 24/7.


  • Raiffeisen banka konstantno radi na monitoringu vlastitih kartičnih transakcija

    Raiffeisen Bank is constantly working to monitor its own card transactions

  • Sve Raiffeisen kartice se izdaju sa intergisanim chipom

    All Raiffeisen cards are issued with an intergassed chip

  • Svi Raiffeisen POS terminali i bankomati prihvataju chip tehnologiju

    All Raiffeisen POS terminals and ATMs accept chip technology

  • Sigurnosni sistem Banke je na najvišem nivou, ali svaki klijent je dužan da drži u tajnosti podatke sa kartice, PIN broj, sigurnosni kod, šifre za e-usluge Banke i sl.

    The security system of the Bank is at the highest level, but each client is obliged to keep confidential information from the card, PIN number, security code, codes for e-services of the Bank, etc.