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Raiffeisen BALANCE ESG

You want to save on a long run?

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Raiffeisen BALANCE ESG


You want to save on a long run? If you are ready to accept a higher investment risk for higher yields, then you should opt for  Raiffeisen BALANCE ESG, a fund with a recommended investment horizon from 3 to 5 years.

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Aplicirajte online za investicijske proizvode već sada!. Raiffeisen banka je omogućila podnošenje online zahtjeva za investicijske proizvode, uz samo jednu posjetu poslovnici Banke i to prilikom potpisivanja ugovora.

Basic Information

Type of fund:Mixed/balanced
Investment goal:To generate a high yield on a long run by investing the Fund's assets mostly into bonds and shares of foreign issuers.
Whom the fund is intended for:Private and institutional investors conformed with the Fund's investment goal, who invest in a long run, want their units to be redeemed at any time and are ready to accept higher investment risk to achieve higher yields.
Minimum initial investment:500,00 KM
Minimum amount of each next investment:100,00 KM
Minimum payments under an investment scheme*:25,00 KM
* An applicant who opts for an investment scheme has to make multiple periodical payments in pre-defined amounts (standing order).  
Entry fee:0,00%
Exit fee:2,00% for investments of less than one year
1,00% for investments of less than two years
0,00% for investments longer than two years
The exit fee is not charged for units issued on the basis of monthly payments through an investment plan, where the payments have lasted a minimum of 24 continuous months.
Management fee:2.50% of the Fund's total assets, annually

Datum obračuna prve cijene udjela: 15.01.2013. 

Početna vrijednost udjela: 100,00 KM 

  • Investment strategy
    • The investment goal of the Fund is to yield high returns over a long-term horizon by investing the assets of the Fund predominantly into the bonds and equities of foreign issuers. The Fund is permanently exposed to bond and share markets with investments of not more than 60% of its net assets per individual asset class. The Fund's strategy allows investments into financial instruments on the B&H market, in EU Member States as well as EU non-Member States.


  • Permitted and Restricted Investments
    • The Fund's assets shall be invested in the following financial instruments:

      Bonds, money market instruments and investment funds focused on fixed-yields financial instruments, in Bosnia and Herzegovina (FB&H and RS), other CEFTA member states, EU Member States (Member States) and OECD member states, up to 60% the Fund's net assets.

      Shares and voting rights/ share disposal rights and investment funds mostly investing in shares in Bosnia and Herzegovina, other CEFTA members, the members of the European Union and other members of OECD, up to 60% of the Fund's net assets.

      Investment funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina, other CEFTA member states, Member States and OECD member states, up to 30% of the Fund’s net assets

      Deposits in financial institutions and money in the Fund's accounts, up to 30% of the Fund's net assets

      Repurchase agreements for the instruments specified above, up to 30% of the Fund’s net assets.