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Casco insurance

Get additional security for your car!

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Casco insurance


Get additional security for your car!

  • What is casco insurance?
    • Casco is a type of voluntary insurance at terms and conditions set by the insurance company. This insurance covers insured events which result in damage, destruction or loss of the insured vehicle and other objects covered by the insurance policy.

  • Why should you have casco insurance?
    • Casco insurance covers even losses that are caused by the driver.

  • How is the premium for casco insurance calculated?
    • The calculation basis for the premium is the car’s new purchase value at the time of the conclusion of the insurance agreement (insurance policy) and presents the insured sum. The insured sum remains unchanged during the entire lifetime of the insurance.

  • Which types of cars can be insured casco?
    • All types of land motor vehicles, rail vehicles as well as working machines and their mechanical components. 

  • When and where to report a loss event?
    • Any loss is reported to the insurance company, immediately after it has occurred, within three days at the latest.

  • Which risks are covered by casco insurance?
    • Traffic accident (overturning, accidental collision, slipping, plunge etc.)

      Falling objects


      Damage on electrical installations as a result of a car cable fire


      Storm and hail


      Falling aircraft

      Events and demonstrations,

      Theft, grand theft, robbery, burglary or misappropriation of a motor vehicle, for all types of motor vehicle Theft means any misappropriation of a vehicle. Any disposition of the vehicle together with the key and the registration document shall not fall under the definition of theft.

      Malicious act or wilful damage by third parties

      Damage to the car upholstery