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Property insurance

With property insurance you get a feeling of additional security in case of material damage on your home due to unpredictable events.

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Property insurance


There is no place like home. It is something in which you invested your love, time and efforts and years of hard work. Home insurance covers all risks that might destroy everything that you have worked hard for.


Act in time and sleep carelessly!

  • What can be insured?
    • The following property items can be insured:

      Occupied housing units with ancillary buildings (garage, kettle room, basement etc.),

      Household goods, electric, water and gas meters.

  • Which risks can be covered by property insurance?
    • Property insurance covers the following risks:

      Lightning stroke




      Crash of unknown vehicle into the insured building

      Falling aircraft

      Events and demonstrations


      Additional property insurance covers the following risks:

      Pipe burst

      Burglary and robbery

      Glass breakage

      Third party liability

      Refund for replacement room

  • What is the insurance term?
    • The insurance policy is agreed for an indefinite period, with the option of an automatic annual renewal (with the possibility to either terminate or amend the agreement).

  • Which additional benefits come with the property insurance policy?
    • With an additional property insurance policy you are entitled to a home assistance service, which means that you get help 24 hours, 365 days in a year. This service covers assistance provided by plumbers, electricians and glaziers as well as heating system repair and is valid for up to 3 events during one insurance year.

  • What are the benefits of the property insurance policy?
    • • Home assistance

      • Bonus

      • Insurance of buildings and household items with zero depreciation

      • Possibility of online payments at a discount of up to 40%

  • What is home assistance?
    • If you select any of our insurance packages, you are entitled to home assistance, which includes the following urgent interventions:
      • locksmith service
      • carpenter
      • electrician
      • plumber
      • glazier
      • heating repair service

      Home assistance is available 24/7/ the entire year. You only need to call 033 263 684 and a handyman will come to your address to provide the requested service in duration of one hour per visit. You are entitled to this service three times a year.

  • What’s the bonus?
    • Bonus is a special discount on the insurance policy price, awarded to those who did not have any damages reported over a certain period of the policy.  Every year without reported damages gives you a bonus of 25% discount.

  • What is zero depreciation insurance?
    • Home insurance for properties under 60 years of age does not take depreciation levels into consideration. Your household items are also insured as if they were new, with zero depreciation.

  • How is the insurance premium paid?
    • The insurance premium is calculated based on the square area of the insured property and paid annually on the one-off basis.

  • If you meet any of the following conditions, you will receive additional discount:
    • If you meet any of the following conditions, you will receive additional discount:

      • 10% discount for one-off payment
      • 10 % discount for indefinite insurance term
      • 10% discount, if you have security doors on your home