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Purpose Account


Technical account for generating term deposit interest (all currencies), foreign inflows/outflows (all currencies) and free disposal (payments/withdrawals) within available limits in EUR currency.


  • Vašim sredstvima možete raspolagati bez ograničenja

    You have unrestricted access to your money

    You have access to your money within the amount available in the account.

  • Račun namjenjen za sve valute

    The account is used for all currencies

    You can opt to do transactions in EUR or any other currency appearing on our foreign exchange list.

  • Nemate obavezu minimalnog i maksimalnog iznosa pologa depozita

    There is no restriction on the highest or lowest amount to deposit

  • Vaša sredstva su Vam dostupna

    You have access to your money

    At the Bank's counters

    through a standing order

    through e-banking

    Raiffeisen banking on Viber

    On ATM 

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