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Known as a reliable and world-renowned partner, Raiffeisen BANK is pleased to offer to its partners a diversified product range with different banking solutions - from simple and basic ones to a complex structured financing. We provide comprehensive cash management, financing, custody, capital market and consulting services.


  • Top-notch service tailored for your business needs 

  • Individualised approach

  • Strong presence and long-term experience of Raiffeisen BANK in providing services to financial institutions

  • Regular and close interaction

Which services and products are at disposal to our customers?

  • Transactions
    • Transactions - by opening a transaction account you can make cash and cashless payments in convertible marks and other currencies and use many other accompanying services. In order to conduct your financial transactions without any time and space limitations, quickly, simply and safely, different services based on state-of the art technology are also at your disposal.

  • Financing
    • Financing – we offer you a comprehensive product range, from simple to complex financing, solutions for structured financing which provide more than classic loans. 

  • Deposits
    • Deposits - our offer includes purpose and non-purpose term deposits, both in convertible marks and euros. Term deposits may be the standard, meaning that they are paid to your account upon maturity while Flexi or Flexi Plus deposits allow payments and disbursements during the deposit term.

  • Online services
    • Online services - our Corporate Online Banking service allows you to bank with us in a fast, convenient and safe way without having to stand in a queue. This service gives you a direct access to your accounts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with maximum security based on state-of-the-art security technologies.

  • Card acquiring
    • Card acquiring - POS (Point of Sale) terminals are devices allowing for card payment for goods and services. Parallel to developing new payment card products, Raiffeisen BANK installs POS terminals with merchants and thus enables their buyers to make cashless transactions.

  • Foreign currency exchange at market rates
    • Foreign currency exchange at market rates

  • Capital market services
    • Capital market services, securities issue arrangement, corporate consulting, various analysis preparing

  • Securities business
    • Securities business - brokerage, custody, depository services

  • Who are the users of our services?
    • Our business goal is to establish excellent relations and cooperation with existing and future customers, financial institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as:

      Micro-credit organisations

      Insurance companies

      Leasing companies

      Investment funds and management companies of investment funds

      Other non-banking financial institutions