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Non-purpose loans

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Non-purpose loans


Do you need money? Do you want to make your wishes come true quickly and easily?

Treat yourself to everything you dream of with the help of non-purpose loans from Raiffeisen Bank!



    Amount: up to 50.000 BAM

  • Fixed interest rate from 5,09% (EKS 6,85%)*

    Variable interest rate from 4,69% (EKS 6,42%)*


    Repayment periods up to 10 years


    The offer is valid until 31.03.2023.

Apply online


Raiffeisen BANK has made it possible to submit online request for non-purpose loans, with only one visit to the Bank's branch office when it is taken over.

Apply online for your loan now and get the benefit without a loan processing fee!

You can see how to fill out an online loan application HERE.


* Sredstva će se uplatiti u roku od 10 radnih dana od isplate kredita na račun klijenta u Raiffeisen banci. 

** Efektivna kamatna stopa (EKS) za Keš i Integral kredite izračunata na iznos KM 50.000 i rok otplate 60 mjeseci. U izračun efektivne kamatne stope uključena je kamatna stopa na kredit, naknada za obradu kreditnog zahtjeva, naknada za vođenje kreditnog računa, trošak kupovine mjenica, trošak ovjere administrativne zabrane, te trošak osiguranja.

Učinite zajedničke snove mogućim


Aplicirajte online za nenamjenski kredit i pretvorite vjenčanje iz snova u stvarnost već sada.

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