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Click and pay utility bills

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It only takes your confirmation and the bill is paid!


The service Click and pay utility bills is available via on-line banking application for Private Individuals or Raiffeisen Banking on Viber.

Simple, one-time service activation requires entry of the user password indicated in the utility bill.

For every bill after the service registration, the Bank prepares   with all relevant data.  At the application login, the Bank displays to the customer their outstanding utility bills in the form of an order.

To pay a bill customer’s confirmation click is necessary in the application.

Activation of this service will not change the current manner of utility bills’ delivery to the customer, meaning the customer will continue to receive the electricity bills to a desired address.

This service may be used for payment of electricity bills of the Public Company Elektroprivreda BiH.

Additional note: Payment of electricity bills via our service “Click and pay utility bill“, for the customers who register until 09/05/2019 for the e-bill service of the Public Company Elektroprivreda BiH, is free of charge* for a period of one year.

*Transaction fee shall be reimbursed to your account over the following month.