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Corporate Online Banking


A quick, easy and safe way to track your business with us

Benefits of Raiffeisen Online Banking

  • Access to information 24 hours a day

    Access to information 24 hours a day

    Account balances,  account activity and statements can be checked 24 hours a day 

  • More convenient business

    More convenient business

    Quick and easy domestic and foreign payments

    A quick way to make special payments such as salary payments based on payrolls, or loan repayments with instant order execution within our opening hours

  • Lower costs

    Lower costs

    With Raiffeisen Online Banking, you save on more favourable money transfer fees

Functionalities of the new system


In addition to the main  functionalities provided by online banking, Raiffeisen Online Banking has been upgraded with additional functionalities. The most important ones allow you to:

  • carry out orders in real time during our business hours
  • sign orders in a package
  • define signature limitations for orders
  • use a browser of your choice -  Internet Explorer (min. 7.0), Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome)
  • save many order templates for your recurring payments
  • and create a recipients address book

Special offer for accounting companies


We provide accounting companies free of charge  with a identification device allowing them to include three different companies into the online banking system.

An authorised staff member of the accounting company is issued with an identification device for different accounts of RBBHNet users who have granted him authorisation to transact their financial business.

How to arrange Raiffeisen Online Banking?


You can register to Raiffeisen Online Banking at a Raiffeisen branch at the same time when you open a transaction account