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Raiffeisen Direkt SMS

Reliable tracking of your finances!

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Raiffeisen Direkt SMS


Reliable tracking of your finances!


  • Imate mogućnost brzog i sigurnog pristupa informacijama.

    You have quick and safe access to information

  • Komunicirajte s Bankom na brz i jednostavan način.

    It is a convenient and fast way to communicate with us

  • Informacije su Vam dostupne 24 sata dnevno, 7 dana u sedmici.

    You have access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Koristite jedinstveni broj za slanje SMS poruka 091 024 024.

    Send your SMS to the dedicated number 091 024 024

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Fill out this request to find the best solution for your needs

Note: Completion of the same is completely non-binding

With Raiffeisen Direct SMS you can:


Check the balances on your

Current account/debit card

Revolving credit cards

MasterCard Shopping card

Charge card

Sight savings account in KM and foreign currency

Gyro account in KM and foreign currency

Get SMS notices of the minimum amount to pay on your  

MasterCard/Visa Credit and/or Charge cards

MasterCard Shopping card



Registration for the service – free of charge

KM 1.85  per month

No service cancellation fee

Raiffeisen Web Call


Klikom na dugme Web Call aktivirat ćete uslugu Raiffeisen Web Call  i ostvariti besplatan poziv prema našim operaterima u Kontakt centru.


Who can register to Raiffeisen Direct SMS ?


Raiffeisen Direkt SMS user can be each client of the Bank, a domestic and a foreign natural person who owns a current account in the Bank (debit card) and a mobile device.

It is enough that you submit your filled in and signed application form to the nearest branch of the Bank.

If you are a Raiffeisen Internet Banking user, you can arrange the Raiffeisen Direkt SMS service on your own using this service.

The appearance of SMS

  • What your SMS message should look like?
    • Current accoutn /Debit card

      Identification number (IB) space S space T

      Revolving Credit  Card

      Identification number (IB) razmak S razmak R

       MasterCard Shopping Card


      Identification number (IB) space S space S

      Charge kartica

      Identification number (IB) space S space C

      A vista account KM currency

      Identification number (IB) razmak S razmak A

      Giro account KM currency

      Identification number (IB) razmak S razmak Z

      A vista account in foreign currency


      Identification number (IB) space S space AD

      Giro account in foreign currency

      Identification number (IB) space S space ZD