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Depository services


You need bank depository services for securities issue or capital increase through securities issue? Raiffeisen Bank is authorised to play in the securities market of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as provider of depository services in securities issue and trade.


Enriched with our extensive knowledge and long-standing experience dating back to the very establishment of capital market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our depository services bring additional value and make us a distinguished partner in this business segment.


  • Individualised customer approach

  • Highly standardised service

  • Reliable source of information on applicable legal regulations and practice

  • Excellent knowledge of the capital market developments

More on depository services

  • The operations of a depository bank in the issue of securities include
    • Securing the conditions for entering securities

      Opening a temporary account for deposit payments based on the entry of securities and / or securing evidence for payments in matters and / or rights

      Making and submitting reports on the number of subscribed and paid securities

      Operations of the payer in issuing bonds

  • Depository bank services for professional brokers include
    • Opening a purpose account for professional brokers;

      Executing cash transactions related to securities trading upon the order by professional broker

      Controlling cash transfer orders submitted by professional brokers

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