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Personal digital certificate

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The use of a personal digital certificate provides the service with a high level of safety and security with a reliable authentication method.

  • Your data is protected
    • Communication between the Raiffeisen E-trading application and its users is carried out through a secure channel

  • Your identification
    • To access the application, you need to download the digital certificate file by entering data to be provided by Raiffeisen CAPITAL.

      Your personal digital certificate proves your identity and ensures encryption of the exchanged data.

      You access the application with your access data.

  • What to do if your registration data is lost?
    • You should immediately contact Raiffeisen CAPITAL to get your new access data, by

      Contact phone numbers: 051/231-490, 212-542


      e-mail: info.raiffeisencapital@raiffeisengroup.ba

  • Additional note
    • Raiffeisen CAPITAL shall not be liable for any damage incurred before the report is made