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Registered name: Raiffeisen CAPITAL ad Banja Luka društvo za poslovanje sa hartijama od vrijednosti

Trade name: Raiffeisen CAPITAL ad Banja Luka

Seat: 2 Vase Pelagica St, 78000 Banja Luka

Court Register: Entered in the register of the District Commercial Court in Banja Luka, under No. 071-0-REG-07-000290, with the last updates registered under No. 057-0-Reg-21-002433

Registered and paid-up share capital: KM 355,000

Company identification number: 11016863

JIB: 4402590070004  

Transaction account: 1610450035080087 at Raiffeisen Bank dd BiH

Auditor: Deloitte doo Sarajevo

Telephone/Fax: +387 51 231490, +387 51 212542/ +387 51 231491


CEO: Vedrana Đukić, graduate economist

Approval of the Securities Commission: No. 01-UP-051-160/13, issued on 13.12.2021 and valid until 29.01.2025

Licensed brokers:
Vedrana Đukić, licence no. 05-03-164/19, issued on 03.03.2023. and valid until 15.03.2025.
Nemanja Savić, licence no. 05-03-162/18, issued on 08.12.2022. and valid until 21.12.2024.

Working hours: 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday