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Investment Banking


Investment Banking Division of Raiffeisen BANK is a professional team of licensed brokers, investment consultants, corporate advisory experts and financial analysts providing support and high-quality services to customers.

Thanks to its long-standing experience and understanding of the local market, the team is capable of responding to all your requests and is fully committed to establishing long-lasting customer relations grounded on safety, privacy and transparency.

Acting as a securities issue agent and consultant in corporate actions and the first international and local market trades of freshmen in securities issue and ownership, Raiffeisen BANK may support you in your business plan development.

Contact us

  • investicijsko.bankarstvo@raiffeisengroup.ba
    • Sanja Korene

      E-mail: sanja.korene@raiffeisengroup.ba
      Tel.: +387 33 287 122 

      Ivona Zametica

      E-mail: ivona.zametica@raiffeisengroup.ba
      Tel.: +387 33 287 784

      Nadira Čenanović

      E-mail: nadira.cenanovic@raiffeisengroup.ba
      Tel.: +387 33 287 647

      Sanja Jokić

      E-mail: sanja.jokic@raiffeisengroup.ba
      Tel.: +387 33 287 762

      Draženko Bobaš

      E-mail: drazenko.bobas@raiffeisengroup.ba
      Tel.: +387 33 287 153

      Nidžara Smajiš

      E-mail: nidzara.smajis@raiffeisengroup.ba
      Tel.: +387 33 287 255

      Ines Imamović

      E-mail: ines.imamovic@raiffeisengroup.ba
      Tel.: +387 33 287 157