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Overview and basic content of key publications

  • Raiffeisen Info Spot or Raiffeisen Special
    • An ad-hoc daily report on BCS Languages containing Info Spot or a more detailed analysis of an extremely important event related to the BiH economy, the banking market or the capital market, for which we estimate that it could have far-reaching positive or negative consequences.

  • B&H Monthly Economic Report
    • Monthly review of all relevant country events in the domain of the political and macroeconomic environment and providing a detailed insight into all the most important economic trends and indicators, including review of the banking sector and the capital market. Unlike the reports we have submitted to you, the new monthly report will be much more detailed and will be published in PDF format. The Monthly Economic Report will be expanded by publishing quarterly data for key economic indicators in the country to provide you with the most quality analysis and interpretation of economic trends in the country. The report will be published in English during the last week of the month

  • Table of key economic indicators
    • An overview of key BiH Economic Indicators presented for a period of ten years, together with forecasts for the next three years. The table update is done on a monthly basis, in English language. You can view a summary of our publications by selecting the desired date in the tables below. Receiving full publications via mail is possible after registration.

  • Banking Sector Report
    • Detailed annual analysis of the key indicators of the BiH banking sector, analyzing the growth and market share of key market participants, market risk analysis and potential, and sector growth forecast for a period of three years. We will submit the Banking Sector Report upon publication of annual bank statements for the previous year (usually during the second quarter of the current year) and will be published in BHS languages

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