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Revolving credit card


This card allows you to pay for goods and services or get cash advances at home and abroad up to the approved spending limit. With a Visa and/or MasterCard revolving card you have access to additional money any time and anywhere around the world.

Apply online


Raiffeisen Bank has made it possible to submit online debit card requests, with only one visit to the Bank's branch office when it is taken over. Apply for your card already! or fill out the card application and submit a copy of the ID card and CIPS application form to you at the nearest branch office of the Bank.


  • Rasporedite plaćanje prema Vašim mogućnostima

    Stretch your payments to make them affordable

    Settle your dues as you can afford by paying more than the minimum amount due monthly

    The monthly minimum amount to pay on the card is 3% of the total amount outstanding, due by the 20th day of the next month

  • Dodatne pogodnosti

    Additional benefits

        Pay for goods and services without any fees

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